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Slow down the pace of your life, take control of your to-do list and make time for you. Have you promised yourself that in 2017 you will:

● work less and live more

● Take that relaxing holiday

● Take better care of yourself

● Finally get through your to-do list

If that sounds like you then you are definitely in the right place! Register now and take this free challenge

Get Less Busy

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There is a better way of living than doing, doing, doing

Join the challenge and receive:

● Bite-sized, practical strategies - for getting more balance in your life

● Daily prompts - to help you stay on track

● Access to the dedicated Facebook group - meet others sharing the challenge with you

● 2 x 30 min Group coaching sessions per week - receive powerful feedback & support to make your new habits stick

● A daily planner - to help you tame your to-do list

Get ready for life-changing results!

This free challenge will teach you how to:

● Slow down the pace of your life

● Make time for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish

● Feel less rushed and more relaxed

● Gain control of your to-do list

So how does The Challenge work?

It’s simple. During the challenge you’ll receive:

● A daily email (just a quickie!) with a practical strategy you can use immediately

● A daily follow up prompt or question in the Facebook group

● A live group coaching (in the Facebook group) on Monday to set you up for the week

● A live group coaching (in the Facebook group) on Friday to help you reflect and reinforce your new habits

● Just the right amount of practical tools and resources to help you get less busy

TeRina Chase, 2016 challenge participant

The Break the Cycle of Busy Challenge helped me get my mornings back.

The Break The Cycle of Busy Challenge is for busy, professional women like you:

● You set high expectations for yourself and you work hard to achieve them.

● You appear calm and capable to others but on the inside you are frantically trying to keep on top of everything

● You have a never-ending to-do list.

● You know there is a better way, but you don’t know how to do it alone and you don’t have the time to find someone to help you!

● You crave time to yourself but it just never seems to happen

Don’t worry! The challenge won’t make you busier. Promise.

When you join you will discover:

● Bite-sized information so that you can see yourself making progress and feel motivated to continue (you love ticking things off your list right?!)

● Weekends are challenge free - so you can catch up on anything you missed, reflect on what you’ve discovered, practice your new skills or just take time off to rest and be with family

● There’s lots of opportunity for interaction and idea sharing so that you can really make the strategies your own personalised busy-busting toolkit.

● The live group coaching sessions will knock your socks off - we keep it real with lots of fun, feedback and deeper learning.

Got questions?

What if I can’t make it to the live group coaching sessions?

That’s ok we’ll record them and make them available in the Break The Cycle of Busy Facebook group.

Who is leading the group coaching?

Katrina Bourke. Katrina is a qualified and experienced life coach, she is a former busy woman and her speciality is helping women believe in themselves and make time for themselves. You can find out more about her here.

I’ve already got too much on my plate, how will I fit this in?

Good question busy woman! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The challenge is designed to make your life better, not busier!